My template & a note


Sooo, what does everybody think of this template? I mean, did anybody like the other one better? It's hard 'cause Weebly has hard templates to choose from! ;) Because, I had to "consult" my assitant (it's a joke we have) Madison! She said "Roses with a green backround" Because i gave her a choice!


Have any of y'all checked out my other blogs? If you havn't, then here's a link: and; !!!!! 


I'm happy...


Guess what?!!  My friend who moved a week ago called me!!! And i called her back!!! And she answered! But the thing is, we only talked for like 3 minutes.....she was at the park. =P 


About Me.

Hi everybody!!!

This is my first post on here, so I'm a little nervous.  I'm a sister of 4 and I love anything that has to do with art!! I love, cooking and books.......painting, drawing, anything that has to do with chocolate, anything that has to do with sugar, hmm..... and photography!